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Posted by fredex at Aug 7, 2008 5:01:58 PM
moving modules from linux (gnomesword/bibletime) to jsword
Hi! I've just installed jsword on my new eeepc 901 (Linux), and it works great there!

i've downloaded a few new modules, but I've also transferred over from my linux desktop system a bunch of other modules I've accumulated there over the years.

All but two of them work fine in jsword. Two of them (two that I made myself from non-public sources--though not the only ones I've made) don't display. (i.e., the name of the book of the bible displays, but no text appears.) When I run jsword from a command prompt, I can look at that window and see a whole long string of messages. The first one seems to be permission denied on the nt.vss and ot.vss files for those two modules. But they have the same ownership and permission as all the other modules.

The only thing I see about those two that is different, is that there is a separate data file and subdirectory for each book. Not sure why they are this way, but it must be something to do with the way I made them (don't ask me now, I don't remember). the directory structure is the same as it was on linux.

Anyone got any clues they can pass on?

Thanks for the great software!

Posted by dmsmith at Aug 16, 2008 4:48:37 AM
Re: moving modules from linux (gnomesword/bibletime) to jsword
I routinely test BibleDesktop against all the modules available on CrossWire but it is possible that JSword cannot handle some modules that BibleTime/GnomeSword can.

Since the log is showing that there are permission problems, then that is where I would start. It is probably a problem with directory permissions of some directory along the way to the files.

Assuming that your modules are in the standard location of ~/.sword then the following commands should repair the permissions:

find ~/.sword -type f | xargs chmod 0444
find ~/.sword -type d | xargs chmod 0775

The first makes all the files readable to everyone (owner, group member and world).
The second makes all the directory readable.

You can use other arguments to chmod. You can read the "man" page for more details.

Posted by fredex at Sep 18, 2008 5:25:15 PM
Re: moving modules from linux (gnomesword/bibletime) to jsword

Thanks for the reply. Sorry about being late to respond, I don't check in here very often, as you can see.

i've just followed your instructions. unfortunately it didn't make the two modules in question work any better. crying

When I attempt to open one of these two misbehaving modules, I get (as I said before) a long string of java errors (but only when I actually try to open the module). I've captured them all in a file that I'll paste it in at the end.

For both of those modules, I get an error like this:

WARNING: Could not open OT /home/user/.sword/modules/texts/rawtext/new-living/ot.vss (Permission denied)

and the same error for nt.vss, both errors for each module. There's also a whole bunch of other messages following each one of these.

but the file exists:

/home/user> ls -l /home/user/.sword/modules/texts/rawtext/new-living/ot.vss
-r--r--r-- 1 user user 144690 2007-10-17 18:55 /home/user/.sword/modules/texts/rawtext/new-living/ot.vss
/home/user> ls -l /home/user/.sword/modules/texts/rawtext/new-living/nt.vss
-r--r--r-- 1 user user 49476 2007-10-17 18:55 /home/user/.sword/modules/texts/rawtext/new-living/nt.vss
/home/user> ls -l /home/user/.sword/modules/texts/rawtext/nasb/ot.vss
-r--r--r-- 1 user user 144690 2007-10-17 18:55 /home/user/.sword/modules/texts/rawtext/nasb/ot.vss
/home/user> ls -l /home/user/.sword/modules/texts/rawtext/nasb/nt.vss
-r--r--r-- 1 user user 49476 2007-10-17 18:55 /home/user/.sword/modules/texts/rawtext/nasb/nt.vss

And all the files and subdirs below these have the desired permissons and as far as I can see they're all there.

In case it's of any help, here's the whole log from start of run to end:

oops, when I paste it all in here I get SQL errors when trying to post the message. is there somewhere else I can post it for you to see? Perhaps the sword dev mailing list (to which I subscribe)??