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Posted by mac_david at May 13, 2008 7:23:21 AM
sad   Pls help me!!! (xml => swd)
Hello friends,

my problem is this: I have a bible which I got for which uses the xml.
Everything I need to do now is to get out of this xml file a

but HOW do I get this RAW stuff???
I can convert the xml and get 4 files: nt, ot, nt.vss, ot.vss

but if I open a raw zip I find a folderstructure and some other files called *.bzs and *.bzv and also a biblename.conf
HOW do I get these...???
I found out that when I download a raw file, unpack it and rename it on my mac the application automaticalli notice that this is a module and I can use it...

Sum up:
I can convert my xml into:
- these 4 files mentioned above
- e-sword CSV
- verseperline (*.vpl)

please help me - I am desperately searching the solution to this problem... Thanks in advance,

blessings and regards from Germany,

Posted by Osk at May 13, 2008 12:40:02 PM
Re: Pls help me!!! (xml => swd)
Check the module making instructions at the CrossWire wiki. To have a working module, you need a .conf file (written by hand) and some data files (which vary depending on the module type and compression. The files you have (ot, nt, ot.vss, & nt.vss) are uncompressed Bible data files. There's nothing wrong with those, but we only distribute compressed modules (with bzs, bzv, etc. extensions). You can use the mod2zmod program to convert an existing uncompressed module into a compressed one.

Posted by mac_david at May 14, 2008 1:52:53 AM
Re: Pls help me!!! (xml => swd)

Ok, I see... I have it now on my mac maschine even when some things are not proper yet.
Anyways, here is what I did:

I created a folder and the same folderstructure as other swordmodules have it. I did this manually. In the folder rawtext or so (the last one) I put the 4 files i mentioned above.
Then I took an exististing *.conf and edified it to my needs and saved it.

I took the whole package and threw it on my mac and I renamed the folder to
OS X asked me if I want to do this because it could be that the OS will only recognize it as one file then... yeah, we wanna do this ;-)

pput it in the modules folder and start macsword - voilá here you are !!!

thank you man!
regards and blessings