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Posted by Coburn at Mar 19, 2008 8:08:55 AM
Sword web, Java-based?
I'm pondering the possibility of being able to install Sword web on a completely Java platform. To be simple I'm looking for an install similar to Portable Bible Desktop, where Java is in the same folder, with a PATH in the app pointing to it.

Would that work? Has it been tried? The install HowTo says the tools are reputed to be cross-platform. Does that mean Cygwin, or could you reconfigure things a little bit to use Java tools instead of the C-based dependencies?

Did I do much research on this? No. This is my research. blushing I have installed WordPress on LAMP at home...

If it is possible, I wouldn't mind if somebody could post the installation instructions. Or links to HowTo install the components, and config specifics.