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Posted by BillyReuben at Jan 17, 2008 7:12:48 PM
Daily Devotional missing days
My church is doing a Bible-in-a-year program, and I would like to turn our notes into a daily devotional module for the Sword program. When I import the module, open BibleDesktop, and select my devotional, I briefly see all of the dates in the window, but then it updates and it skips two days for every day it shows. I see Jan 1, Jan 4, Jan 7, Jan 10, etc -- shows a day, skip two days. If I click on one of the days, it does show the devotional for that day.

My devotional doesn't work at all in GnomeSword.

More technical detail follows:

I used the Day By Day By Grace devotional as an example. I used the mod2imp tool to convert it to imp, so that I could be sure what it was supposed to look like.

To get started and familiarize myself with the process, I created a blank devotional biy.imp file that looks like:
<p>Today's lesson is...</p>
<p>Today's lesson is...</p>
<p>Today's lesson is...</p>
<p>Today's lesson is...</p>
<p>Today's lesson is...</p>

I also created a biy.conf file like this:
Description=Ephesians Commentary (NCTM317) by Geoffrey Bingham
About=Contains: Ephesians
DistributionLicense=Still To Be Negotiated

I ran imp2ld biy.imp and it created a biy.idx and a biy.dat. I copied those files to /home/billy/.sword/modules/lexdict/rawld/devotionals/biy/ and I put my biy.conf file in /home/billy/.sword/mods.d/

Posted by BillyReuben at Jan 17, 2008 7:14:51 PM
Re: Daily Devotional missing days
sorry, the conf file I posted earlier was incorrect. That should have been:

Description=Bible in a Year

Posted by BillyReuben at Jan 17, 2008 7:25:00 PM
Re: Daily Devotional missing days
I've narrowed the problem down to my import process.

I said earlier that I used mod2imp on the Day By Day By Grace devotional and created a dbd.imp.

I followed my earlier process, running imp2ld dbd.imp. The resulting dbd.dat file is identical to the one I downloaded, but the resulting dbd.idx was 2928 bytes compared to the 2196 bytes of the original.

I replaced the original dbd.dat and dbd.idx in my /home/billy/.sword/modules/lexdict/rawld/devotionals/ directory and restarted BibleDesktop, and it is now showing one day and skipping the next two, repeating. It no longer works at all in GnomeSword.

Fortunately I saved a backup, because I like that devotional. smile

So either I'm using the wrong import command or I'm using the import command incorrectly, or there is a bug in the version of mod2imp that I am using.

Oh, I forgot to say what versions I'm using.
Sword: 1.5.9
GnomeSword: 2.2.3
BibleDesktop: 1.0.7

I'm using Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) those are the versions of Sword and GnomeSword that install from Synaptic. I'm running BibleDesktop from Java WebStart, using JDK 1.6.

Posted by BillyReuben at Jan 17, 2008 7:59:13 PM
smile   Re: Daily Devotional missing days
Problem Solved!

Instead of
$ imp2ld biy.imp

I should have done
$ imp2ld biy.imp BibleInAYear 2

Skipping days in a devotional is a weird symptom.

Running imp2ld with no arguments gives me a list of options, but I can't find anything that tells me what any of them mean.

Why do I need to use 2 here instead of the default value of 4 to properly build the index? What do 2 and 4 mean?

Posted by Osk at Jan 18, 2008 12:52:32 AM
Re: Daily Devotional missing days
2 vs. 4 indicates whether the length of the text is represented by 2 bytes or 4. If it is 2, no entry can be longer than 64kb. But I would recommend using the compressed module option anyway, which should be z. (Just guessing here, I don't have imp2ld handy.) That will result in a smaller file size.

It looks like you're setting the wrong driver value, as well. RawCom is for commentaries. You need either RawLD, RawLD4, or zLD (for 2, 4, or z options respectively).

Posted by rlrandallx at Jul 20, 2008 1:34:05 PM
Re: Daily Devotional missing days

I have done exactly what you have. Mine works in BibleCS 1.5.9

I'll send my "1year" version if you write to

A problem I have is I can't right click and show a Bible passage unless I show it in the Lex/Dict window, but then I lose the auto daily display. You can't have it all (until they fix the Devotional window.

In His Grace,