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Posted by Smurf at Feb 8, 2004 12:51:09 AM
Adding Mods in 1.1-1 for KDE 2
I must be dense, or just blind, I have looked all over and can not find info on how to add moduals to the Bible Time program for Mandrake 8.2 running KDE 2. Bible Time loaded fine, I just can't get the Bible, MHCC, or Estons to go in the folder. Can anyone help? Also, could I download the new 1.4 and load it on this system? Thank you in advance for any and all info.

Posted by squinky at Feb 8, 2004 11:50:46 AM
Re: Adding Mods in 1.1-1 for KDE 2
Most of the time, the modules should be extracted into /usr/share/sword, though I'm not sure how Mandrake handles it. I would suggest trying to upgrade to the latest versions of SWORD and Bibletime. The modules are for sword, where Bibletime is a frontend for them.

For future reference, if anyone's using gentoo, I have been working on an ebuild to install some popular (and not so popular) modules. The ebuild is not yet in portage, but you can find it here. If you use the "offensive" flag, it will also install the books of mormon, josephus, and jashur.

Again, I'm not sure about Mandrake, but see if there's anything in /usr/share/sword. Refer to the bottom of the module install guide for more help.