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Posted by sword.w.micmurphys at Jul 29, 2007 2:05:56 PM
Rotherham module (oddball text on Chap 1 Verse 0 of every book)
There are some problems with the Rotherham module. There are a lot of verses that are "out of order". To see a clear example of this, use The SWORD Project (Windows version 1.5.9) to display Psalms 1:1 which should begin with
1BOOK THE FIRST How happy the man, who hath not walked in the counsel of the lawless,—and, in the way of sinners, hath not stood, and, in the seat of scoffers, hath not sat; 2But, in the law of Yahweh, is his delight,—and, in his law,

but instead begins with
Every thing lofty, he beholdeth, he, is king over all ravenous beasts.

If you export this using mod2imp you see that Psalms 1:0 has the "Every lofty thing...." text.
Could someone fix this or suggest a way that I could fix it? I tried doing a search in SWORD against the KJV and a search on Google and was not able to determine what this verse might really be.
In particular, the beginning of every book is like this (oddball text on Chapter 1 Verse 0 of every book).