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Posted by bob3dan at Apr 9, 2007 5:43:13 PM
New to the forum
Hello I am new to the forum and want to help gnomesword project and have an idea where should I go?

Posted by Coburn at Apr 10, 2007 7:41:34 PM
Re: New to the forum
Depends on your skill level and ability to help. "Every idea is a responsibility."

These forums get little traffic. The mailing lists are better.

You get the best advice and sometimes action from the developers. They use the mailing lists mostly.

This particular project is doing work that is valuable in a sense beyond the average. Plus the dev's are part-time volunteers. So I try to think through my questions a few times, evaluate my suggestions as if I were them, etc. to conserve on their valuable time.

But, yeah, you could put your idea on the forums. You would get at least one comment, and quite a few folks would read it.

I would also browse very thoroughly if I were to make any future suggestions myself. Chances are it has already been discussed.


Posted by karl at May 7, 2007 8:36:41 AM
Re: New to the forum
want to help gnomesword project and have an idea where should I go?

New supporters and developers are always a wondrous gift for us. You'll do best for GS by exploring the website,, and finding the mailing lists there. There is sporadic activity in gnomesword-users and gnomesword-developers, and new voices are most welcome.

one of 2 GS developers and project admins
Project Admin, Xiphos