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Posted by mwdiers at Apr 9, 2007 11:19:29 AM
How would one encode a General Book in OSIS anyway?
In reading these forums, I see that ThML is being discouraged, as a prelude to a move entirely to OSIS.

I have a fair amount of material that I would like to begin encoding in OSIS, and so have downloaded the reference guide. However, everything I find in the guide is thoroughly oriented toward encoding Bible texts.

There is no information at all about how one would go about formatting General Books. I can find no reference to general theological books anywhere on the OSIS site.

This leads me to wonder if OSIS support for general books is lacking in the format itself, and that a move away from ThML as a standard format is the wrong move for general books.

ThML seems to be perfect for general book encoding, and even supports the embedding of style sheets, handling of footnotes, references to other works, etc. I can find nothing like this in OSIS. I fear that if I were to use OSIS as a generic raw source format, I would lose a great deal of information.

Am I missing something here?

Posted by Osk at Apr 21, 2007 2:41:10 AM
Re: How would one encode a General Book in OSIS anyway?
They key is determined by the osisID values if you use xml2gbs to import.

Just run a Bible through xml2gbs to see how it interprets the hierarchical structure of Bibles and adapt accordingly to your General Book's structure.

There's no visual formatting in OSIS unless you count support for basic bold/italic-type font formatting (and for that matter, Sword won't ever support any kind of style sheets in ThML either).

Footnotes and references in GenBooks are exactly as in Bibles.