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Posted by switchfoo at Mar 17, 2007 1:07:17 PM
confused   Help. Making PC SWORD Project Module into MacSword .swd Module
There is great translation that is a free download for the SWORD Project PC. I need help to move it to MacSword.

The 'Institute for Scripture Research' has released one of their translations as a download for the SWORD Project.

(bottom of page)

The Module is "The Scriptures 1998 (ISR)" and goes by the short form TS1998
download url:

Obviously, since it's an .exe I can't get to it directly on my Mac. So, i tried installing it on my Window machine and then copying everything that i could se as relevant to the Module from "\The SWORD Project\modules" and pasting into "Applications/MacSword/Modules"

I fiddled with that for a while but I have to concede that my cheap trick isn't working. Does anyone have any help that doesn't involve me recompiling something or using the Terminal? :-)

Since the Module download page ( lists tons of downloads for both Windows and OSX, I'm assuming someone has done this very many times.

Thanks everyone.

Posted by davidbbell at Mar 22, 2007 11:31:26 PM
Re: Help. Making PC SWORD Project Module into MacSword .swd Module

I downloaded the module you mentioned and did the work which was necessary to prepare it for MacSword. It had some strange problems which is why it didn't work when you tried it. I had to modify several lines in the .conf file. Write me an email and I will email you the module.

david.bell (at)

Posted by davidbbell at Dec 15, 2007 12:03:40 AM
Re: Help. Making PC SWORD Project Module into MacSword .swd Module
I did this a while back, and the truth is I really did not do any work on the text itself except tweak the files a bit to get it into Sword format. I just looked over it again. It has some problems. It works, but there are bits of code in the text (for italics and superscipt). Also I noticed that Genesis 1:1 is missing. Not too sure of what in the world would have happened there. If you have time and know-how, they are not too hard to take out.

willenium--I tried to email you the text, but it tells me that there are permanent fatal errors in your address. Please give me another address and I will email you the file.


Posted by undercover at Dec 15, 2007 9:49:50 PM
Re: Help. Making PC SWORD Project Module into MacSword .swd Module
can you email it to me ? both the tweaked and untweaked ver?

undercoverdave at gmail dot com