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Posted by amadeus at Sep 18, 2006 9:27:54 AM
I am using Ubuntu Dapper version 6, and Gnome Sword is possible to install from Synaptic, but there is something wrong. You can not start the program, It is said that the program has crashed. What is the repository that I can write down within Synaptic, instead of just downloading the one file, gnomeswordxxx.deb

Posted by Coburn at Sep 29, 2006 9:35:46 PM
Re: Repository
I had the exact same problem.

I thought I either had package conflicts with a game I took a peek at, or it was a flaw in the Breezy upgrade.

What I had to do was clean install Dapper on another drive, move all my personal files over, and re-download gnomesword.

But it sounds like that's almost what you did. A clean install, I mean.

The error messages I was getting had to do with GTK.

I would not download the deb file and try to install it unless you were sure you had all the dependencies taken care of. Though you could look under Properties in Synaptic when you select gnomesword and write them all down.

You can download them singly from and/or download the sword debs singly from Then you have to use Package Manager or <sudo dpkg --install> in Terminal to install them. But I wouldn't try that. It doesn't sound like you know enough yet to pick out the right packages from the FTP site--I don't think I do either.

Hope this works out for you.

Posted by karl at Jan 19, 2007 4:48:31 AM
Re: Repository
I know this is a very late addition to this thread, but I simply want to observe that a great deal of change (i.e. progress) has been made to GnomeSword in the last several months. A stable 2.2 release was made in December and a 2.2.1 maintenance release will happen at the end of January. See the download page at and stop in on Freenode #gnomesword for chatter.
Project Admin, Xiphos

Posted by Coburn at Jan 26, 2007 8:47:08 PM
Re: Repository
According to the information on the website, GS 2.2 is not actually available for Dapper, unless you are a technically adept user who is comfortable compiling from source. I am not sure the dependencies will be satisfied even then.

Could somebody please fix this? crying I plan to be using Dapper for a while. My version upgrades have to be done on dialup, and that takes about a week of overnight downloads.


Posted by karl at Apr 3, 2007 3:29:11 AM
Re: Repository
I don't get into the forums very often, and so I don't keep close track of what happens here...

I have no specific help to offer on Dapper. Terry and I release source, and both of us work in Fedora. We have regular participants who then build install-ready binaries for SuSE 10.x, FC5&6, and a recent Ubuntu and Debian. We'd be happy to provide at least pointers to available binaries for Dapper, but we're not in a position to order it up from anyone -- if you can find such a person who would be willing to pull down our (roughly monthly) releases and build for Dapper, we'd be overjoyed to put pointers to such builds in our download references, but there is little we can do directly to induce this. Dapper may even be too old to provide adequately recent libraries (e.g. gtkhtml3.8) necessary for GS to function -- I simply don't know.
Project Admin, Xiphos