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Posted by karl at Jul 14, 2006 10:45:57 AM
confused   Declining ThML support?
In the "problems creating a module" thread (last post, December 2005), Osk observes that there is no future support planned for ThML.

I'm somewhat concerned by this. I recently began producing some scripts to auto-generate modules for myself, for translations that aren't (can't be, due to copyright) available through Crosswire. My first cut was with GBF, just because it looked idiot simple, but then I looked at all the mods.d/*.conf and found that ThML is far and away the most common format used, so I re-targeted my script to generate that sort of markup.

Since I subsequently saw the comment about ThML non-support, I've been thinking about how to re-target again for OSIS, but frankly motivation becomes seriously lacking (I need to spend time hacking out GnomeSword bugs instead) and some of the needs of OSIS are a real pain in the neck. E.g. I want to auto-detect "footnote" items which are in fact in xref'able format, to enable them that way. This isn't too tough for ThML scripRef, with a nasty bit of regexp effort, but the nested/repeater content of OSIS type=crossReference complicates this considerably.

Is ThML actually in demise? Although it was said that OSIS is where the future is, by now -- already some 7 months after that comment -- I see just 3 English OSIS modules, just 2 of those are Bible texts (KJV & ESV, & the 3rd is a small and relatively inconsequential genbook), and 1 of those 2 is yet in beta (ESV); so it just doesn't look like there's any actual movement toward OSIS.


PS- Per-format, per-language module counts in mods.d:
for i in GBF ThML OSIS ; do echo == $i == ; grep -l SourceType=$i * | xargs grep Lang= | cut -f2 -d: | cut -f2 -d= | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr ; done
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Posted by Osk at Aug 2, 2006 5:59:45 PM
Re: Declining ThML support?
Yes, ThML support is over. We're not planning to remove the existing code to support ThML or anything, but neither will we put any work into imrpoving it.

I think we have a number more books currently available in OSIS format than 3. In any case, we have been limiting releases lately because the current release of the Winows front-end is a bit dated and would not likely support new releases based on newer tools. Once the new version of the Windows front-end comes out (in a week or two) we'll make a number of additional OSIS modules available.

The future is in basically two formats: OSIS and TEI. Currently there are NO TEI modules available publicly and only rudimentary support in the library, but it will (going forward) be the optimal format for lexicons and some GenBooks.

Posted by karl at Aug 12, 2006 12:34:50 PM
Re: Declining ThML support?
I think we have a number more books currently available in OSIS format than 3.

Taking the mods.d.tar.gz off Crosswire's ftp and running the little pipeline over its contents (mentioned at bottom of initial post here), in English I find 24 GBF, 42 ThML, and 2 OSIS. The OSIS entires are the Good Samaritan essays and KJV. Beyond that, I know of ESV being in late beta, and I suppose that both the in-progress NET and NASB modules are OSIS (though I wouldn't know personally, not having seen them). There are a few non-English OSIS, of course. But even there, to date GBF+ThML swamps OSIS -- overall, 54 GBF, 168 ThML, and just 13 OSIS -- only about 5% of the total. The dominance of ThML in those counts is why I chose ThML, before I knew enough to have learned of the new OSIS intent.

If that's truly the direction, fine, I'll be retargeting my scripts. Movement to OSIS just appears not to be moving very fast.
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Posted by Osk at Sep 7, 2006 3:07:58 AM
Re: Declining ThML support?
I suppose most of the OSIS content is sitting in our beta repository waiting for an official update of the Windows frontend since there are some module format incompatabilities with the old versions.