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Posted by slaveofone at Jun 27, 2006 9:59:21 AM
Dead Sea Scrolls Module
The Open Scrolls Project is an attempt to make English translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls "open source", available free, on-line, for anyone to use for anything (see There are already a few scroll fragments translated:

4Q117 4Q Ezra?
4Q164 4QIsaiah Pesher
4Q168 (4QpMic?) 4QMicah Pesher (?)
4Q170 (4QpZeph) 4QZephaniah Pesher
4Q534 (The Book of Noah? The Birth of the Chosen One?)

It would be nice to see a Dead Sea Scrolls module being made which incorporates each new translation into it as they are completed.

Posted by peterkirby at Dec 2, 2006 2:43:54 AM
Re: Dead Sea Scrolls Module
I am Peter Kirby, director of the Open Scrolls project.

I would like the advice of the SWORD project community on how best to make the Dead Sea Scrolls available on this platform for free.

The advice I seek includes but is not limited to licensing suggestions and technological hurdles.

The aim is to make the original language as well as translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls freely available.

I have also contacted the makers of other popular Bible software packages for their feedback.

Peter Kirby