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Posted by ifts at May 4, 2006 6:52:54 AM
New Features in Sword for Bible Translators and Biblical Text Exegesis
Hi, everybody
In the TO-DO list for Sword I saw some features listed that may be of importance for Bible translators. As someone working in the field of Bible Translation and the academic training of Bible Translators full-time, I would wish to highly encourage the developers to implement such features. From the point of view of a Bible Translator, some helpful features would be:
- a translation window with the left part for the original text and with the right part for the translation version
- interlinear text display and entering of text,
- enhanced unicode features (U8/U16) and the capability to also enter non-Roman-script text,
- a database feature to enter/save translational terms of Biblical Hebrew/Aramaic (OT) and Greek (NT) in the Bible translatorĀ“s target language with scripture references.
- some field in the window to enter notes on special usage in the target language.
There may be other desirable features but not everyone using SWORD for Windows will be a Bible translator but these, I think, are the most important ones without overdemanding other users. The features described could also be of use to those exegeting a text of Biblical scripture as well.
Do you have any idea as to when these featires may be available some day in the future?
Greetings and Blessinmgs from the Bible Translation mission field!