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Posted by chassum at Jan 4, 2006 6:50:47 AM
Sword module for SLAX?
Is there a Sword module for SLAX available or under development?
I've read the various threads about Christian Live Linux CDs, etc. and it looks like there's been nothing new since last spring. I may be wrong, but my impression is that most of the effort is going into producing a comprehensive CD with most/all of the Christian software on it. All I really want is a module for SLAX containing Sword, KJV, Strongs, (and maybe BibleTime) to include with SLAX on my USB thumb drive. Is that too much to ask wink
I was going to burn a CD of ICHTHUX 0.5, but it seems to be too large to fit. sad


Posted by tuubaaku at Jan 7, 2006 9:31:08 PM
Re: Sword module for SLAX?
Have you tried That's got slackware packages - would something from there work?

(I've just got Slackware & compile from source, so I don't know.)