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Posted by julian at Mar 29, 2005 1:27:21 PM
Incorrect popup reference on Commentary Window
Bug Reported:
Incorrect popup reference on Commentary Window

Tested Modules:
Easton's Bible Dictionary, American Tract Society Bible Dictionary

If one has Strong's Greek Bible Dictionary installed, pointing the mouse over to a chapter/verse combination within the Commentary Window in some dictionary modules shows a popup referencing an entry in the Greek Dictionary. For example, pointing at 12:30 (2 Sam. 12:30) produces the popup 1230 Diaginomai while (4:16) 1Jo 4:16 indicates 416 Anemizo.

This is contrary to what happens when you do the same at modules like Nave's Topical Bible, Thompson's Chain Topics and International Standard Bible Encyclopedia wherein you point your mouse to a referenced verse on the Commentary Window and the popup shows the exact verse correctly.

Haven't tested modules other than the ones mentioned above.