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Posted by piater at Mar 2, 2005 2:47:10 AM
French Bibles: Darby and Semeur
The French Darby is apparently free of copyright and would be a very valuable addition to Sword. Can it be made available?

I would also like the Bible du Semeur as a Sword module. It is copyrighted by the Société Biblique Internationale. I was astonished to find the complete text downloadable for free as XML, but this certainly does not imply that it can be freely redistributed as a Sword module. What about it? Does anyone have it converted to Sword for personal use?

Posted by dnipro at Apr 19, 2005 2:46:22 AM
Re: French Bibles: Darby and Semeur
Yes frensh dardy is very old and should be free ! Is it a lot of works to offer it ?
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Posted by raphink at Apr 29, 2005 1:21:35 AM
Re: French Bibles: Darby and Semeur
The main french bible being la Bible de Jérusalem (catholic Bible) and la TOB (ecumenic Bible), I think it would also be great to try to include these. Most French are catholic and it might be difficult to introduce sword to them if it only includes protestant bibles (although I am a protestant myself ;)).
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Posted by VampiroSlack at Jul 3, 2007 9:27:24 AM
Re: French Bibles: Darby and Semeur
I would suggest to also add modules for La Version d'Olivétan (1535) et quelques Bibles de Genève (1540 à 1669) avec leurs commentaires.

Posted by VampiroSlack at Jul 24, 2007 8:16:30 AM
Re: French Bibles: Darby and Semeur

basing myself on what I've seen from the Portuguese Bible module you've packaged, it should be an amazingly good source. by the way, if the Zefania and The Word Projects can use those Bible versions, why can't the Sword Project do the same?


Posted by Osk at Jul 30, 2007 6:59:09 AM
Re: French Bibles: Darby and Semeur
Post with link to copyrighted text deleted.

The SWORD Project respects copyrights (at least to the best of our knowledge and ability). As a result, we cannot distribute or permit linking to texts that others may be willing to distribute when we know the distribution of those texts violates copyrights.

Posted by Etienne at Mar 5, 2009 5:18:11 AM
Re: French Bibles: Darby and Semeur
The French Darby is indeed free of Copyright and you can actually find it in the SWORD Project but it is only in beta version.
Here's the link :


PS:This link was sent to me by a friend but I didn't find yet the direct link to the modules in Beta version.