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Posted by Ingo at Dec 11, 2003 6:20:10 AM
Strong translation functionality
We don't have public domain greek NT dictionary in Poland.
So we decided to start translating StrongGreek module into polish.
As the basis, we want to use text from strongsgreek.dat file (with it's tags which we hope to replace by OSIS tags one day).

My question is: as we would like to have the same excellent functionality for the greek Strong in polish as we have for the current one, is there any better source-text necessary? (e.g., text in english, with all necessary tags + is it available?) - or maybe it's enough to proceed with the one from .dat file?

Sorry for bothering you, we hope to make some progress and to ask less questions one day.

In Jesus,
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Posted by Ingo at Dec 15, 2003 3:06:17 PM
Re: Strong translation functionality
I am not sure if it is good idea to discuss with myself but on the other hand this forum is intended to be a kind of trial one?

We've been facing problems with Strong module - after editing .dat file, replacing english text with polish one and saving it, the module did not function at all.

We've been editing it under win. with either notepad or wordpad.

We decided to change editor to open office and it works now. Of course, it must work. So, within several months we shall have greek Strong in polish.

(I hope that my posts are typical for enthusiasts with absolutely no programming experience).
Ps 1:1-2

Posted by Osk at Dec 16, 2003 9:46:48 PM
Re: Strong translation functionality
Editing the .dat files themselves won't work (as you've discovered).

Those files are generated by an import utility that also generates an index file. Only when the two match up correctly will Sword be able to use the module correctly.

I'm actually working on a new version of the Strong's lexicons and hope to have a new version ready next week some time. We will also make our OSIS source available online, so watch for that soon. :)


Posted by Ingo at Jan 6, 2004 11:49:58 AM
Re: Strong translation functionality
We keep watching for OSIS source for Strong:)

Meantimes, we started translation using text from .dat files and putting $$$ before each entry. It works excellent, after using import tools (at least for Sword 1.5.6 for windows).
Ps 1:1-2