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Posted by fredex at Oct 27, 2004 5:56:13 PM
startup problem after new install
Running Tao Linux (clone of RHEL 3), compiiled and installed sword 1.5.7a, compiled and installed bibletime 1.4.1. No serious problems.

Two odd things:
1. there doesn't appear to be a bibletime entry in any of the menus. Is it supposed to be put there by the install? Does it assume I'm running KDE and work only if I am? (I'm running the default Gnome install).
2. When I start it up manually from a commandline I get these errors/warnings:
(BibleTime 1.4.1) WARNING: Can't load startuplogo! Check your installation.
(BibleTime 1.4.1) WARNING: Main window: can't find window menu
then bibletime appears. I can see my modules, but it sure looks awfully plain and un-adorned. makes me wonder if it's missing some kind of chrome. I don't see any documentation that would tell me where these things are supposed to live, or where/how to configure it to find them. Clues anyone?

I have som emodules that have been installed previously on another machine, one of which was a homemade module. So, I don't have the original zip for all of tthem (never had one for the one I made), so I just copied the mods.d and modules directories from the old machine to the appropriate place on the new one, and it sees the modules. Cool!

Anyway, anybody know what I'm overlooking on the two issues above?

Posted by jansorg at Oct 28, 2004 4:39:40 AM
Re: startup problem after new install
please read
The first answer gives the right hints for your problem.

BibleTime has to be installed in the KDE location.


Posted by fredex at Oct 28, 2004 7:08:54 PM
Re: startup problem after new install

Thanks for the pointer. All now seems well!

Wouldn't it be cool if configure did this for us so we wouldn't need to bug you?