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Posted by Ingo at Nov 22, 2003 3:31:42 PM
New module: how to add Strong numbers?
We are promissed a text of the Bible (polish Biblia Gdanska) with Strong numbers, with permission to use in summer 2004 as the Sword module (when printed OT version will be sold; NT has been printed in 1998).

How to describe Strong number - is it OK to add <number> after words?
We've been trying it and numbers were displayed, but there was one thing missing ("popup" over it with Strong text).

Ps 1:1-2

Posted by Osk at Nov 23, 2003 1:18:02 AM
Re: New module: how to add Strong numbers?
Excellent question! I think this might be our first real forum post, even though they're not really public yet. :)

To encode Strong's numbers, you'll have to use one of the markup standards. We support Strong's encoded in GBF, ThML, and OSIS documents. I recommend OSIS, especially since you have some experience with it.

The way you will encode them is by putting a word element around each word and indicating the Strong's number in the lemma attribute.

For example:
<w lemma="Strong:G1234">word</w>

The "Strong:" prefix indicates what system of lemmatization you're using (in this case Strong's numbers) while "G1234" indicates you're using Strong's Greek number 1234. The contents of the element would be whatever word or words correspond to that number.

Posted by Bartek at Nov 27, 2006 6:43:01 AM
Re: New module: how to add Strong numbers?
Hi, now I make strong's numbers to Biblia Gdanska Old Testament. I try find people to cooperation with me. My e-mail