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Posted by frankavallone at Sep 26, 2004 9:51:25 PM
Can't find the program to use it
Greetings in His Name!

I am new to linux and really like it. I am using Redhat 9. I downloaded, unzipped and installed sucessfully sword-1.5.7 as per the instructions (sword.conf generated).

Then I downloaded, unzipped and installed KJV with Strongs #s. I believe all that went well because of all the activity:
[root@localhost sword-1.5.7]# unzip ~frank/
Archive: /home/frank/
inflating: modules/texts/ztext/kjv/ot.bzs
inflating: modules/texts/ztext/kjv/ot.bzv
inflating: modules/texts/ztext/kjv/nt.bzv
inflating: modules/texts/ztext/kjv/ot.bzz
inflating: modules/texts/ztext/kjv/nt.bzz
inflating: modules/texts/ztext/kjv/nt.bzs
inflating: mods.d/kjv.conf
[root@localhost sword-1.5.7]#

This sounds silly but where do I find the program to run it? I look forward to downloading and using all the modules that I use with e-Sword in Windows. This will be the first "extra" program that I will have installed. What am I missing? Thanks!


Posted by jansorg at Sep 28, 2004 11:34:08 AM
Re: Can't find the program to use it
it sounds that you installed the Sword _library_, which is the backend for a program like BibleTime.

You still have to install the BibleTime pogram.
What steps did you take to install Sword? Did you run "make" and "make install"?

You have to install BibleTime with something like:
cd bibletime-1.4.1/
./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

I'm sorry that we don't have RPMs for RH 9.
Let me know if you have troubles with the installation.