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Posted by X4Ivan at Sep 3, 2004 8:42:14 PM
problem with Russian translation
I am running Mandrake 9.2 and have installed GnomeSword 0.7.9. The program, dictionaries, commentaries, etc seem to be working well except for a few glitches. Some of the translations just have verse numbers listed rather than the verse. Russian Bible translations have a line where words should be.
Any help rectifying these problems (especially with the Russian text) would be GREATLY appreciated.

Posted by terry at Sep 4, 2004 11:22:33 AM
Re: problem with Russian translation
sounds like a font problem.
GnomeSword Developer

Posted by X4Ivan at Sep 4, 2004 8:46:16 PM
Re: problem with Russian translation
I used the KDE control panel and changed ALL my system fonts to ones that I am confident works with Russian characters. I know it is possible to change the font size and color on Gnome Sword, but is there some way to cange the font that is used to read text?
Thank you for your help.

Posted by X4Ivan at Sep 4, 2004 9:13:43 PM
Re: problem with Russian translation
Forgive me for asking about changing fonts in Gnome Sword before exploring further! I opened the module, right clicked and changed the font to one that works with cyrillic characters. Also experimented with several different styles that work with cyrillic character. No help. Same problem.

The problem more specifically is with 5 modules: JPS has verse #s only, RNKJV lists all "names" as a line, RST has lines instead of words, RusMakarij has verse #s only, and RusVzh has lines intead of words.

I'm sorry to be a pill. Thanks for any help.