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Posted by mdbarton at Aug 24, 2004 11:50:05 AM
prob with imp2vs
I'm running imp2vs on windows, trying to create a large commentary from a 12mb imp format file.
I get a load of output basically running through each verse saying
linking entry: ### to Exodus 15:1
where ### is the verse reference, finally going into an infite loop outputting:
linking entry: Revelation of John 22:21 to Exodus 15:1

Sample from my input file:

$$$Mark 14:66
<scripRef>Mark 14:54</scripRef>
<scripRef>Matthew 26:58,69-70</scripRef>
<scripRef>Luke 22:55-57</scripRef>
<scripRef>John 18:15-18</scripRef>
$$$Mark 14:67
<scripRef>Mark 10:47</scripRef>
<scripRef>Matthew 2:23</scripRef>
<scripRef>Matthew 21:11</scripRef>
<scripRef>John 1:45-49</scripRef>
<scripRef>John 19:19</scripRef>
<scripRef>Acts 10:38</scripRef>
$$$Mark 14:68
<scripRef>Mark 14:29-31</scripRef>
<scripRef>John 13:36-38</scripRef>
<scripRef passage="IITimothy 2:12-13">II Timothy 2:12-13</scripRef>
<scripRef>Matthew 26:30,71-72</scripRef>
$$$Mark 14:69
<scripRef>John 18:17,38</scripRef>
<scripRef>Luke 22:58</scripRef>
<scripRef>John 18:25</scripRef>
<scripRef>Galatians 6:1</scripRef>

Any ideas?confused

Posted by mdbarton at Aug 27, 2004 10:56:22 PM
Re: prob with imp2vs
I shall answer my own problem!
Basically, some of the $$$ lines, for some reason (probably the dodgy script I hacked together to generate the imp file) where like this:
$$$Ezekiel 7:24<scripRef>Ezekiel 21:31</scripRef>
Seperate these lines into two - like this
$$$Ezekiel 7:24
<scripRef>Ezekiel 21:31</scripRef>
and of course it all worked fine. Still not sure what imp2vs was trying to do... but it looks like a problem with the user not the tool...