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Posted by christianliberty at Jul 7, 2004 2:01:23 AM
shock   Don't know how to install Sword modules (Zip)with bibletime?????
Can anyone help me with instructions how to install the raw zip files
of the Sword modules I downloaded.

The installation manager in the latest Bible time 1.4 doesn't recognize then, neither install them.

What shall I do?????

Posted by jansorg at Jul 7, 2004 7:23:08 AM
Re: Don't know how to install Sword modules (Zip)with bibletime?????
Just do a
mkdir $HOME/.sword
cd $HOME/.sword

or unzip them all into a dir and then use BT to install the modules (you have to add a local source location in the install mgr).


Posted by CIB at Jul 8, 2004 7:20:55 AM
Re: Don't know how to install Sword modules (Zip)with bibletime?????

I had the same problem when I installed both Sword and Bibletime 2 days ago. I just could not install the modules. Then I saw this thread and the solution that Joachim suggested worked for me. Here is what I did in detail:
My home directory is /home/cristian. I put the module in /home/cristian/Modules. Then I tried to mkdir /home/cristian/.sword like Joachim said but it told me that directory already exists. Then I just changed to this directory cd /home/cristian/.sword. Then when I was in this directory I unzipped the module like Joachim said with unzip /home/cristian/Modules/ After this I used the Bible time install manager to install the module and I selected a local resource as /home/cristian (nothging more than that) and this time it actually found the module. I installed it and it gave me some kind of error but when I opened Bibletime it seems to work fine and I can use the kjv bible. I installed even more modules this way they seem to work fine. Previously I was trying to unzip the modules in /usr/share/sword and the install manager did not see them. Thanks Joachim.