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Posted by evangelinux at Jun 25, 2004 6:30:10 PM
Linux for Religious Orgs

For those of you interested in sharing Linux with your churches, I've written a book, "Penguin in the Pew", which helps church leaders understand Linux, free software, and how these can be used in a church setting. Although I didn't know about BibleTime when I wrote it, I will include BibleTime in my revision.

"Penguin in the Pew" has been downloaded well over 1000 times in the first month. It has been used by IT pros and pastors alike from around the world. It's getting great reviews, thus far. I think most folks here would be interested in the book, and may even want to share it with their churches.

Our church website now has a link to BibleTime and The Freely Project, another site with a focus on helping the church understand Linux. Visitors can also download the CHurch ADministration DataBase (CHADDB) MySQL back-end files as our church's contribution to free software.

I would like to know of any other software projects for Linux that can be used by Christians and/or the Church for inclusion in my next revision - hate to leave out anyone!blushing

If my post is out of order, please excuse and ignore!


Posted by evangelinux at Jul 27, 2004 9:04:08 PM
Re: Linux for Religious Orgs
Just an update:

Five days after I posted this, an article I wrote appeared on Linux Journal's website, and a second article appeared on These two articles have helped to bring many Christians in the free software community together at The Freely Project and Linux For Christians websites. Additonally, those of you in the IT field may want to pass around "IT as Ministry", available from our site.

Unfortunately, I was unaware of BibleTime until after I wrote these articles. I'll be updating "Penguin in the Pew" soon to include the Sword Project applications. Although I haven't had time to try out either version (KDE or Gnome), it looks like y'all have really done a fantastic job.

Freely Project is at:
We're at:

Posted by Smurf at Dec 30, 2004 3:39:49 AM
Re: Linux for Religious Orgs
I have used this book a number of times to make a point about stewerd ship and using the treasures that the Lord hase intrusted us with. It is well written and I recommend you check it out, along with the sites

Posted by Smurf at Feb 8, 2005 3:40:40 AM
applause   Re: Linux for Religious Orgs
This book has open the heart of some people I know and Linux is being tried out in some informal settings at church and at home. Again, check this book and the data base project at the same site. The Lord is using evangelinux in a mighty big way as far as I can see!biggrin