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Posted by khachig at Jan 2, 2013 9:56:11 PM
Bible Texts not Displaying Unlocked NET text or notes
I am a new Eloquent user. Working with MACBOOK Pro running OS 10.6.8.  Just installed Eloquent 2.3.5/2046.  Seems to be working OK except

(1) I installed and unlocked NET text and notes (Full text and full notes), but neither displays.  I typed in the unlock code from and the lock icon in the Eloquent module list is open.  ESV and LXX display okay.  Also, I should add that the free version of the NET text and notes both displayed fine.  I deleted those and downloaded the locked version and the result was no joy.

(2) Eastern Armenian text displays only Gen and Exod.  Other passages just show chapter number and verse numbers but no text.  The Armenian font is correct.  The Western Armenian text is flagged as NT only, but the Eastern Armenian text is supposedly the whole Bible.

(3) Prefs not holding when set for font/size of individual texts nor for configuration of workspace upon opening.

There may be other issues as I become more familiar with the bells and whistles of the program. Trying to get this configured and familiarized for a friend who needs bible software before returning overseas to work where such resources are limited.

Thanks much.

Posted by mdbergmann at Jan 6, 2013 10:21:18 AM
Re: Bible Texts not Displaying Unlocked NET text or notes

Let me check.
Unlocking should work. If the NET doesn't display, maybe the unlock key is incorrect. Could you double check?

The Eastern American module only contains Genesis, Exodus and the Gospels. The module about dialog shows this.

I can't replicate this issue on Eloquent 2.4.6.
The branch of 2.3.5 is not maintained any longer.
I would suggest you upgrade to Lion at least. Maybe the one or other issue was fixed already. In the > 10.7 branch we are at version 2.4.6 of Eloquent.