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Posted by kb2qzv at May 21, 2004 12:12:30 AM
BT and sword from CVS, first impression...
First of all I have tried both CVS versions on my fresh (2 days old) installation of Fedora Core 2.
Installtion of BT and sword presented no problems:
make install
make install_config
make register
-> for sword,
make install
-> for Bibletime CVS version.

BT: search dialog lacks maximize, minimize function. I had to manually (with a mouse) resize its window to see more.

Installmgr: progress bar wouldn't move showing value of 0%. Installation of modules from crosswire was succesful and fully operational. The window with progress bar dissapeared giving no indication of a succesfull completion of operation.

I'll write more once I get to know better.

would anyone know how to install the bibletime-i18n from CVS?


Posted by dowens76 at Aug 17, 2012 10:54:49 AM
Re: BT and sword from CVS, first impression...
The two issues mentioned above are resolved in recent versions of BT (checking with BT 2.9.1).