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Create search index for own module
Hi there

I try to create a search index for my own module for Pocketsword (1.4.1 and iOS6) with Xiphos. In Xiphos (3.1.5) everything works fine (module, index, search). I create the search index in the module menu.

In the lucene directory there are the following files:

- _0.cfs
- segements.gen
- segments_2

When I put this files in a ZIP-File on my iPhone (with the MMMode) the search index is not recognized (but the module itself works fine).

When I download a bible modul from "CrossWire 1" ex. and also load the search index I find on the iPhone (with iPhone Explorer) the following files

- _1.cfs
- deletable
- segments

I found out that Pocketsword needs the segement-file to find the index. How can I create this files (segments, deletable, ...)? Whats the difference between _1.cfs and _0.cfs?


Posted by niccarter at Dec 5, 2012 8:03:44 PM
Re: Create search index for own module
Hi Sandro,

I believe this is because the newer version of Xiphos doesn't create a version of the index that is compatible with PocketSword at this time?
Can you try downloading an older version of Xiphos and see if that works? I am out of the loop with Xiphos right now and will try to verify this to see what is happening.

Thanks, ybic
nic... :)
PocketSword Developer

Posted by niccarter at Dec 5, 2012 8:09:12 PM
Re: Create search index for own module
Yes, I believe if you try with Xiphos 3.1.4 it will work. I will look further into what Xiphos 3.1.5 does differently!

Sorry about that!
PocketSword Developer