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Posted by nainoomxp at Jan 10, 2012 12:13:30 AM
confused   I have a ploblem in search function help me please :-)
I use Thai bible (ThaiKingJame) and when I search ...example I want to search "Isaiah" (in Thai alphabet..อิสยาห์) the result don't show wholly.
I try to change search function to all, any or exact the result will show 12 verse. But I try to use Andbible (for android) it show result 54 verse.

And I try to use Xiphos search it can show 54 result correctly. Then I try made new search index from Xiphos but.... result still show 12 verse.

I have a private Bible that created from Thailand Bible Society the result of serach fuction worse than ThaiKJV Bible it show 10 verse

May be someone can suggest me to solve the problem.

May God be with you

Posted by niccarter at Mar 21, 2012 2:13:54 AM
Re: I have a ploblem in search function help me please :-)
Hi there,

Sorry that I've taken so long to reply! It sounds like a frustrating bug and we'll see if there's something we need to change in order to get search working properly in the Thai language.

Thanks, ybic
nic... :)
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