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Posted by onemorelate at Sep 15, 2011 8:48:28 PM
"Next Verse" Feature
Eloquent already has "Next Book" and "Next Chapter" feature.

Adding a "Next Verse" feature will be very helpful when after searching for a keyword, you wanted to read the verse after the result. or when you wanted to read the verse next to the one your reading.

this is specially helpful when using large fonts during sharing sessions
(when you want to use the whole screen to show only one verse at a time)

I think this would only be a small modification to the program but will be very helpful indeed.

Thank you in advance. biggrin

Posted by mdbergmann at Sep 17, 2011 4:59:57 AM
Re: "Next Verse" Feature
We currently have a feature called "Text context". It is mainly used in keyword search. It allows to show the context of a search result like the 1-10 verses before and after the search result.

Would that help you?


Posted by onemorelate at Sep 17, 2011 8:10:46 AM
Re: "Next Verse" Feature
Hi Manfred.

Thanks for the reply. ^__^

"Text context" is very helpful during self study. but during sharing sessions, sometimes you just want to have a little more freedom where to go.

Instead of having a "Next Verse" feature, maybe you can add to "Text Context" another option to "View the whole chapter". That will be fantastic and will work for my need as well.

Thank you very much for this amazing work that you're doing.
(I hope you are getting what i'm saying because i'm not a native speaker.)