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Posted by ninjaaron at Sep 1, 2011 11:04:33 PM
Seaching by Strong's Numbers in Diatheke?
Hi. First post. I'm a grad student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and I'm also a major Linux geek.

Anyway, I have to do a project that involves OT textual criticism, especially where the LXX is concerned. I have some Diatheke s scripts in mind that could save me a lot of clicking, but they are sort of contingent on the ability to search by Strong's in tagged modules.

I read the man page for Diatheke, but I couldn't see a way to get this working. I'm also using a version of it that is two years old or something; 2.4.1, I think. It's the one in the Ubuntu repositories.


Posted by mjdenham at Oct 1, 2011 2:27:12 AM
Re: Seaching by Strong's Numbers in Diatheke?
I am not familiar with Diatheke but if there is a Lucene index you can search for Strongs numbers using e.g. "lemma:H05062"

There is a related thread here:


Posted by ninjaaron at Oct 11, 2011 1:57:34 AM
Re: Atlanta injury lawyer
After looking at the thread (not to mention the Atlanta Injury Lawyer), I see your talking about the lucene searching apparently as it is used in some of the Sword GUI frontends. The reason I want diatheke is because it is a CLI frontend, and I can more easily write shell scripts based on the search results to further automate the research process. If there is another way to search the lucene index from the command line (with a command like grep, perhaps?), that would be equally satisfactory.