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Posted by yauonn at Aug 30, 2011 6:41:33 PM
ESV notes not displaying correctly
I'm using the latest ESV module (I think ver 1.01) on Eloquent 2.3.5

Hovering over a note displays the accompanying OSIS code in addition to the note text. The note itself is not formatted.

Edit: forgot to add that the notes display correctly in PocketSword.
Btw, on an unrelated point, Pocket Sword also greys out italicised text that have been added to the verses by the translators; can that be done for Eloquent as well? smile

Posted by mdbergmann at Aug 31, 2011 12:32:27 PM
Re: ESV notes not displaying correctly

I'd need to unpack my MBP, it still has Snow Leopard.
Then I'll try to check the note display.


Posted by yauonn at Sep 7, 2011 8:29:52 AM
Re: ESV notes not displaying correctly
Thanks, Manfred.
I was running 2.3.5 on Lion.

I've since downloaded 2.4.2 and retested this. Same thing occurs.
Btw, was happy to see the old icon on 2.4.2

Another thing I spotted is a typo in "Mod Options" -> "Show Hebrew Vovel Points" that appears in both versions of Eloquent.