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Posted by edbgato at Aug 5, 2011 8:17:16 PM
confused   Compiling Sword Engine on Centos 5
Greetings Sword Fans

I'm trying to compile the Sword Engine on Centos 5.6.

My compile stops with an Error 1 around the module curlhttpd.cpp.

The ICU Development stuff mentioned in one post in this forum has been installed as well as the CLecene package, but the error persists.

Forgive the lack of compiler output as I did not realize I would join this forum when I shut down the Linux box.

I will post the output if someone is still doing Linux development on Sword. The source files appear to be last updated sometime in 2008 -2009.

Is Sword on Linux still active?


Posted by Osk at Aug 6, 2011 3:15:38 AM
Re: Compiling Sword Engine on Centos 5
It sounds like you need to install cURL (libcurl) or disable it in the build.

I'll also give the standard disclaimer that if you aren't planning to do some kind of development with Sword, you're probably better off installing pre-built packages of Sword and a frontend to it.

Posted by edbgato at Aug 6, 2011 12:52:11 PM
Re: Compiling Sword Engine on Centos 5
Thank you, Osk, for the response.
I did finally install a pre-built package, but it has issues too.
Pre-built packages for CentOS and RHEL seem real hard to find.
RPMFind does have liblucene-0.9.16, sword-1.6.0 and xiphos-3.1.1,
but I found no yum repositories that contain them....yet.
Now I need to find a support forum for the pre-built.
Thanks again