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Posted by passages at Aug 5, 2011 11:59:06 AM
OT - free Christian software
Just stumbled across your site, seeking advice on Christian software.

I've just released a Bible verse display program, and am looking for places to host / promote it. It is high quality but released as freeware and I am unable to underwrite domain / bandwidth costs myself.

At the moment it's parked on one of those "free web site" hosts, but that's a temporary solution.

Can anyone recommend a site that hosts freeware Christian software?

Posted by brianlovesjesus at Dec 30, 2011 10:19:33 PM
Re: OT - free Christian software
I hope there is still a chance to input here, but I might be able to help you host or develop. Please let me know a bit about the software, what you are looking for, and also about yourself. If anyone else needs help of this type, pray about it and then send me a pm, i'll try to get back to you if it is for Christian purposes. I'd like to try to help out the kingdom in this way. If anyone has wisdom about doing this, let me know. Jesus loves you, God bless.

Another possibility is to sign up at, they have a free tier which allows you to use a mini vps for 1 year for free (if it isn't excessive use), and use a free domain extender like or ( isn't showing up on google anymore but there are others) for a domain.

Posted by mirandasmith at Aug 6, 2012 9:15:50 PM
Re: OT - free Christian software
Worthy of Praise is a free web hosting service for Christian churches. There goal is to provide a service that spreads God's Word through the technology of the internet.