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Posted by jlfmusic at Jul 29, 2011 6:36:26 AM
All Bible books locked in Chapter 1

Recently installed Sword Project for Windows PC version 1.5.11 on Windows 7 which has been regularly updated. Sword Project for Windows installed but Windows 7 said it was not fully compatible so it applied compatibility changes. Install manager worked after that - it did not before. None of the Bibles will move beyond the first chapter of whatever book I'm reading. Using Book Drop Down Button, Chapter and Verse Spin Buttons and Check Mark Button or Freehand Verse Key - none of these work as described in the Help. Why isn't the program working correctly in Windows 7? Any others have this problem? How can it be fixed? Thank you.


Posted by jlfmusic at Jul 30, 2011 5:40:10 PM
Re: All Bible books locked in Chapter 1
Windows Forum is not very active and the latest update doesn't work under my installation of Windows 7. Around 25 reads and no answers. Maybe something I don't know yet. I'm sure it works fine under XP. eSword doesn't have some of the modules that Sword Project has but it has many others and it works great under Windows 7 - without XP emulation. The WEB Bible module doesn't work in eSword under Win7. Maybe time to switch back to Mac and use MacSword - haven't been to their forum in a while but they were keeping up with many changes at Apple.