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Posted by ofinigan at Jul 27, 2011 8:19:07 AM
Bengali ERV
I would like to see the Bengali Bible version in the Sword. Actually it would not be that difficult from two places that already seem to have it in Unicode format:

Joomla version,com_...ayout,biblia/view,biblia/

Also here:
Also here, can download an XML document already formatted for the NT:

It may be possible to get these resources converted legally as mentions once permissions have been obtained, others have done so with other languages.

There are over half a billion Bengali speaking people - shouldn't they have access to the Bible even electronically.



Posted by jonmmorgan at Aug 6, 2011 8:52:41 AM
Re: Bengali ERV
My understanding is that the WBTC translation and the Bible Society (India) ["Old Version"]. I presume by ERV you mean the WBTC one, though I think some of the ones you link are the Old Version.

I think it is quite possible that WBTC would give permission to use the Bengali Bible if someone asked for it, and then someone else might make a module, but I am certainly not able to do so.

Posted by Mikey at Sep 27, 2011 2:29:29 PM
biggrin   Re: Bengali ERV (tentative yes)
Requested rights for ERV from WBTC (which is now associated with the Bible League in some way.) Immediately received a phone call that sounded positive.. He wasn't sure if Bengali is in UTF yet or not.

Since this is copyrighted content and ERV has undergone many revisions, need to wait for the text to be released.