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Posted by alexic at May 18, 2011 11:16:06 AM
Modern Greek new testement module request
Hi, as I go through the forum I'm finding new places to post my request :) (so sorry if I posted my other thread in the wrong place)

I am aware that noone is actually obliged to help me out, but me and many people from our church would be very grateful if someone could do so.

I have a word document with a modern Greek translation (I have the permission from the translator to use it) and I would like to request a module so as to add it on iphone and ipod touch.

I tried to do it alone following the instructions but as the guy said 'it is not for the faint of heart'' and I really do not have the appropriate knowledge :'(

Thank you in advance
God bless

p.s. I suppose I will have to send the document by email, if there is another way that would make it easier for someone to help me out, I would be more than happy to do anything.

Posted by Osk at May 18, 2011 7:30:13 PM
Re: Modern Greek new testement module request

Please send any files, permission letters, questions, etc. that you have to