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Posted by phpSword at Apr 9, 2004 3:41:18 PM
My project, FYI
Just in case anyone else would find such a thing useful...

I have begun writing "swordd" (Sword Daemon), which is a server process similar in design to, say, an SMTP or FTP server.

The idea is that instead of linking in the sword API, or mucking around with SWIG bindings, or shelling out to run external programs, etc. a sword client could merely connect to a sword server and issue queries and retrieve results.

Not only does this make client development far easier (in my case I'm writing a web bible interface in PHP) but it also offloads the storage and processing requirements to the server. This allows me to have one central server with every known module installed, and the light weight clients that don't need their own copies installed. And adding a module to the server makes it available to all clients immediately.

Anyway, this is something I want for my own purposes, but if it sounds useful to others I'd be happy to donate it to the overall sword project when it's a little more developed.


Posted by LivingSon at Apr 10, 2004 11:09:38 AM
Re: My project, FYI
This is an excellent idea! I wonder how many others are thinking or working on the same approach. I've sure thought about it.

Posted by phpSword at Apr 10, 2004 12:36:30 PM
Re: My project, FYI

I have completed the initial version of 'swordd' (a C++ program that should run on any UNIX or Linux box, possibly even Mac OSX, haven't tried that).

I have also written "phpSword" (I'll change that if it's already in use) that is a client that communicates with swordd. phpSword is currently only 355 lines of PHP code, yet it does most of what the Bible Tool site does (parallel texts and commentaries), but adds pop-up Strong's lookups, etc.

You can see it in action here:

Requires Javascript, but no frames or anything else at this point.

I wrote all of this last night (both the server and the client) and I've only tested it with MSIE so far, so expect bugs.


Posted by Jspr at Mar 30, 2008 2:34:54 AM
Re: My project, FYI
It looks good. I wish I knew of this project before starting my own server. May have made my life easier!

Posted by Sunrise7 at Jan 24, 2010 4:04:29 PM
Re: My project, FYI
Hi Mark,
Looks like an awesome reference.
If I read the posting dates correctly, you have been on this a long time.
Great the way a visitor to your site can choose references and do combined/comparative Searches, side-by-side. Response seemed slow today, but that may be due to processing power being used for the searches, or, numbers of visitors :)

As a suggestion, have you thought of or considered, adding the capacity for visitors to know who else is looking at the same documents or topics and have an option to communicate with them, as registered participants? This would increase personal interaction with the materials without the moderation and other hassles of a forum or bulletin board. How complicated would it be?

Thanks for your extensive work on this.
I will let others know.

Posted by Sunrise7 at Jun 18, 2010 5:05:40 AM
smile   Re: My project, FYI
Your suggestion and capability are excellent.
It would be even more appreciated, at least by me, if I could have a version entirely on my system for offline use, that is occasionally updated with a new "release", as well as access to the online one.

I'm considering doing something like this for a health and spiritual reference I am working on but will require outside technical expertise. I am open to suggestions as to how best to find that.