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Posted by mezzenger at Apr 7, 2004 9:06:15 PM
confused   Configure Tool Bars
I have installed BT 1.4.1 with KDE 3.2.1-0.fdr.5.1. The program installed in /usr/local/kde/bin.

The toolbar only shows a print icon. When I try to "configure toolbars", it just stays the same. Is this a permissions issue?


Posted by jansorg at Apr 8, 2004 9:02:02 AM
Re: Configure Tool Bars
I think you have to install it in /usr if the KDE is in /usr.

In general KDE apps jhave to be in the same dir as KDE.
This is also a FAQ question on our webpages.


Posted by mezzenger at Apr 8, 2004 7:43:00 PM
biggrin   Re: Configure Tool Bars
Thanks brother. It works fine now!