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Posted by Coburn at Sep 12, 2006 5:36:14 PM
Re: Catholic books?
What would be really cool is if Sword had a way to open files from, say,, in some kind of reader format. That way any pub-dom Xn book online could be loaded. Including the Church classics.

A big pipe dream I have is if the different programs we use to do stuff--like, under Linux, OpenOffice, Firefox, the GIMP, GnomeSword (with its different panes), and AcroRead, plus from Windows, MS Reader, could all use one unified form window. The menus and toolbars would be loaded from libraries (MS dll's ?) based on the type of document opened.

So in one tab you could be reading the Bible in Reader view, while in another you could be looking in a lexicon, and in another, browsing the web.

Bible Software is "not far from the kingdom of God" on this one. It is the only software of those mentioned that uses multiple panes, with multiple file types, that are open at the same time and cross-linked with each other.