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Posted by Coburn at Sep 12, 2006 5:21:32 PM
Re: Hebrew and Greek characters
I have wished for this for years. Nothing electronic comes close to the ability to search and compare in a print lexicon. You lose so much in terms of speed and information.

Developers, it is like being forced to use a GUI when you would rather work in a terminal.

Let me suggest two features that would be intensely awesome for those of us who work with the original texts:

First and foremost, the ability to view the lexicon as an uninterrupted text. There is no substitute for being able to compare related words on the same page.

I don't know how to express my emotions on this. Those that make dictionaries and those that use them must be different sorts of folks. We need this feature.

I have always envisioned this as working like certain parts of the Windows Help program. A list is displayed, and when you type text in the search bar, the list scrolls to your word. As opposed to bringing it up as an orphan in its own window.

I know this is a simple HTML algorithm, but how wonderful if it were applied to Strong's!

My wife uses e-Sword on her Windows box, and it has a Webster's dictionary that scrolls that way.

Secondly, the ability to search text according to its proper spelling in the original language. Again, I ask you to imagine the nightmare of being strapped to a desk chair in front of a computer running Linux *without an xterm*. You lose so much power and flexibility. It is the same way when you have to scroll through Strong's and search by number.

Or, imagine working with English text in an interface *without a search feature*.

You know this other language. You can even think in it. But you cannot type in it, or read through the dictionary, without climbing a ladder to reach one word at a time.

So, I hope this is a priority, time allowing.