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Posted by karl at Sep 12, 2006 10:47:26 AM
Re: Support 4 Graphics (Images)?
Can Sword and Bibletime and Gnomesword work with images/graphics?

This came up on the sword-devel list a couple weeks ago. OSIS and ThML modules can both include images; in ThML (which I still generate for my modules, bad boy that I am), the syntax is "<img src="/images/xyz.jpg"/> and GnomeSword, for one, displays such images just fine. The file location is anchored to the directory where the rest of the module's files live, i.e., "images" must be a subdir there. I've built myself a "maps" module, as a "dictionary," and I open that module in a separate window. Works great. But not all the frontends do images yet -- WinSword just displays the literal text content, and I believe BibleTime displays some placeholder image in place of the intended image.

So the underlying library is happy with images. The rest of the frontends need to catch up.
Project Admin, Xiphos