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Posted by Osk at Aug 2, 2006 5:59:45 PM
Re: Declining ThML support?
Yes, ThML support is over. We're not planning to remove the existing code to support ThML or anything, but neither will we put any work into imrpoving it.

I think we have a number more books currently available in OSIS format than 3. In any case, we have been limiting releases lately because the current release of the Winows front-end is a bit dated and would not likely support new releases based on newer tools. Once the new version of the Windows front-end comes out (in a week or two) we'll make a number of additional OSIS modules available.

The future is in basically two formats: OSIS and TEI. Currently there are NO TEI modules available publicly and only rudimentary support in the library, but it will (going forward) be the optimal format for lexicons and some GenBooks.