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Posted by hellings at Aug 28, 2005 8:20:39 PM
Re: Is Sword for Windows Dead?
The latest update with the wxSword code is that I have managed to build both wxWidgets and wxMozilla (the Gecko integration). However, now I run into the problem of compiling the sword library under Windows. I'm sure that it's more than possible to compile with MinGW's gcc (indeed, I have done so in the past, albeit the latest version of the library won't build, but 1.5.7 will). However, has anyone had success with building the sword library under Windows using the free MS compilers? I'm not an MS guru, but I've been slowly learning more each day (that's why I love OSS development).

An ability to build the sword library for Windows using Microsoft's tools would allow me to make a first pass at my wx-based interface for Windows sword. Any guidance? Thanks!