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Posted by iccnet at Aug 26, 2005 6:40:36 PM
Re: Is Sword for Windows Dead?
I believe wxWidgets is probably robust enough for the job. And since it is cross-platform, a front-end created with wxWidgets could serve on all popular platforms. Including embedded systems. I like the idea of working from the current BibleCS code to achieve the goal of a more feature-rich Windows front-end. Especially with all the knowledge put into the existing code. There are also other wxWidgets front-ends in the works. One mentioned in this thread, BibleStudy, and another is wxSword. I believe combining their efforts with that of what BibleCS already has would be a good marriage IMHO. wxSword's key benefit is the use of the Gecko rendering engine. The real problem I know of at the moment is the Windows version of wxMozilla. It is really problematic on the compile side of life. If that issue were resolved, I think we have a winning combination! Anyway, that's my $.02 :-)

God Bless!
Greg Marine