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Posted by danpadams at Jul 2, 2005 11:00:32 AM
Re: Bibletime 1.4.1 for KDE/Slackware
This is deffinately a strange one for me, I am working on trying to switch my needs from MS Windows to something in the XWindows realm.

When you asked if I configured KDE to use a double click, I know I am using it at other times for other programs.

All the installed modules do appear in the lists on the left.

When I run bibletime from a concole so I can see the messages there are two of them that pop up. They are:

kdecore (KAction): WARNING: KAction::insertKAccel( kaccel = 0x81f41d8 ): KAccelobject already contains an action name "help_whats_thisi"

Which may be from a different error other than what we are looking at. I get that one when I launch the program.

bibletime: symbol lookup error: bibletime: undefined symbol: _ZN3DOM4NodeC1Ev

Is the error I see when I try to view a module and when it closes the bibletime window. That is if I double click on the module, I thought I was to single click. Single clicking did nothing at all, in either window.