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Posted by rlrandallx at Apr 25, 2005 11:25:09 PM
Submitting bugs (defects) and enhancements for 1.5.6
Hi! I'm looking to start QAing various products at Crosswire. I would like to log bugs and enhancements here on the forum but would like it to be orderly. That is I would like to log a bug for example on The Sword Project 1.5.6 Windows english version and be able to come back again and again adding comments until the bug is fixed or labeled an enhancement request. In that case I would like to know when it might be implemented and on which version.

Is that too much to ask? Just one place place to enter bugs of every kind seems to confusing.

My first problem is understanding how "Parallel" tab works. I have KJV and TR loaded and was expecting to see a sort of "interlinear" Bible when I clicked "PARALLEL" but instead it printed the KJV one verse at a time with a blank line between each verse. This is not well explained in the Help menu. Also
when I right-click I see Bible 1 Bible 2 and Bible 3. Bible 1=NONE
Bible 2 = KJV and Bible 3 = TR. Where can I read about this?

In His Grace,