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Posted by bogdanm at Apr 22, 2005 5:23:02 AM
cool   Re: Install
You've said:
I installed sword-1.5.7 under my user (/home/user/sword-1.5.7)
I don't really understand what have you done, so I think a log of the commands you've entered (and output of those, of course) would be great.

Anyway, if you've compiled the tar.gz distribution by yourself with ./configure && make && make install (last one with root access), and there was no error, then the libraries should be installed now on your system, but your rpm database should NOT be updated, and that is because the compilation process doesn't actually add a rpm to system, this causing the dependecy problems you have (the problem with KPackage).

You could try the following (as root) in a konsole:
[b]# rpm -i --nodeps BibleTime.x.y.z.rpm[/b]

where -i stands for install and nodeps for no dependencies. Remember: You should do that only if the dependency failure is only the CrossWire library (and that is because it is on your hard drive but not on rpm database). If something fails afterwards you can uninstall BibleTime rpm with:
[b]# rpm --erase BibleTime[/b]
But as you can guess, I don't recommend it wink .
I hope it helps.