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Posted by scribe at Jan 29, 2004 6:35:55 PM
Re: Searching Strong's numbers
Well, the engine certainly can search for strong's numbers in a 'number' of ways :) First, if the 'Strong's Numbers' option is on, then the engine will include these in the search texts, so you can simply include <1234> in your search expression.

Also, search type -3 has been added to the latest release of the engine which allows specific searching of strongs numbers, so an expression like Word//Strongs/G1234/ should work, as well.

Practially, I don't know of any frontends that interface to the -3 search type yet, and each frontend has a different status/interface of searching text with options (like Strong's, Footnotes, Morphology) turned on (cf. first paragraph above).

This doesn't directly solve your problem, I realize, but I would need to know the frontend you use to do that.

Hope it helps, nonetheless.