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Posted by Shamgar at Mar 16, 2005 2:34:06 PM
Re: What are Mandrake 10.1 RPM's for Bibletime?
Well with these files I have Bibletime installed on Mandrake 10.1. Just clicjk on each link and save to disk. Here is some help for those peole who can't install the bibles. This info sheet can be used to install the bibles on Mandrake 10.1
Suse9.1 Bibletime Install HowTo:

Download files from here:

Copy bibles from here:

Burn onto disk and label: Suse9.1 Bibletime 1.4.1

From Disk marked Suse9.1 Bibletime 1.4.1 copy all files to /home/Your name/ Suse9.1 Bibletime (which you will create). You will extract each of these file in this order only! If not there will be a dependency warning and they will not install.

InstallFirst: sword-1.5.7-1.suse9.1.i586.rpm
InstallSecond: bibletime-1.4.1-1.suse9.1.i586.rpm
InstallThird: bibletime-i18n-1.4.1-1.suse9.1.i586.rpm

Right click on each file and select Actions/Install with Yast. the dialog to enter your password will come up. Enter password and click okay/enter. Yast will run a config screen. This will be repeated with each install. Next go to the bottom toolbar and right click on the toolbar. Click Add/Application Button/Applications/Bibletime 1.4.1 and an icon will appear.

Click the button and Sword Configuration – Bibletime will open. Next open a second the home directory and type in or cut paste from here “file:/home/Your name/.sword” This is where the next modules/files will be extracted.

open “modules-bible” and you will see a number of zip file ( Right click on each of these files and extract them with Ark. When Ark opens click the “Extract” icon and you will get a dialog asking where to extract (“Extract to”). Cut paste “file:/home/Your name/.sword” from the other open home directory and and place it in the “Extract to” window. Select “Files to be extracted -All”. Click “Okay”. Repeat with each selection. The same procedure is used with the “modules-reference”. Each module should be seen as you extract if you go to the
Sword Configuration – Bibletime/”Install/Update Module”/Connect to Source. When done click okay an Bibletime will statrt. You will probably need to shut down Bibletime after first start so program loads all modules. It should be fully functional!