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Posted by ebgd7 at Mar 1, 2005 6:44:27 AM
smile   Re: Advice needed on encoding Bible Introductions in OSIS for Sword
Just encode with OSIS. It should work fine.

All of the cases you mention are handled, except for "introductions to selected book groups." In OSIS, you can encode separate <div type="bookGroup"> elements, so just follow OSIS best practice recommendations and we'll fix the importer if anything doesn't work correctly. (It may actually work already, but I would guess that this part won't be handled.)

Short answer to the long question wink , but very informative. OK, so I'll follow the OSIS2.0 spec's and the example of CEV.1995.Titus from the Bible Technologies website. Of course I'll post information about any found problems with osis2mod. OSK, thanks for information!!